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LIVE: Anna KiaRa + Cathubodua (BE) + Flowerleaf (BR/DE)

7 september 2023 @ 19:30 22:50

This night no less than three amazing female fronted metal bands on the stage of Poppodium Muziekcafe Helmond

A small introduction:

*** Anna KiaRa ***
Anna KiaRa is a symphonic metal band founded by Anna KiaRa (singer of Imperial Age) in 2019 as her solo project and then formed into the full band when Anna’s friends and colleagues on music stage joined her.

The Band’s music style is based on classical female fronted symphonic metal but also combines elements of different metal subgenres like symphonic black metal, modern metal and folk metal.

The debut album “Storyteller” was released in 2020 and got plenty of positive reviews from metal fans all around the world.
The presentation of “Storyteller” was performed as an online stream show due to COVID lockdown and later was released as “Online Winter Show” on DVD.

The second album “Archangel” was released on October 14th, 2022. The band describes the album as experimental and far more heavy than the previous one.

*** Cathubodua (BE) ***
Cathubodua is a Belgian symphonic metal band that emerged onto the international music scene with their powerful blend of symphonic elements, heavy riffs, and captivating storytelling. Formed in 2013, the band quickly gained recognition for their unique sound and dynamic live performances.

Cathubodua’s lineup consists of talented musicians who each contribute their own distinct style to the band’s sound. Sara Vanderheyden stands at the forefront as the band’s lead vocalist, delivering soaring operatic vocals that effortlessly transition into fierce growls and screams. Guitarist Robin Ritzen craft intricate and heavy guitar riffs, blending seamlessly with the violin of Arvid Vermote. Bassist Peter Thielemans and drummer Harald Bouten provide a solid and powerful rhythmic foundation that drives the band forward.

Cathubodua has carved a unique niche within the symphonic metal genre. Their music is characterized by its rich orchestration, grandiose arrangements, often drawing inspiration from mythology, folklore, and epic storytelling for lyrics.

*** Flowerleaf (BR/DE) ***
Metalband FlowerLeaf was founded in 2017 by Vivs Takahashi and Marcelo Kaczorowsky with the ambition to follow their dreams. After a year of discoveries and hard work, they released their debut album “Stronger”, which was met with many positive reviews all over the world.

​But they wanted more, so they decided to leave their homeland Brazil in search of new challenges and opportunities. And so they arrived in Germany in 2019, where they immediately started playing live shows and participating in festivals like the FemME – Female Metal Event in the Netherlands.

Presale: € 10,- (
Doorsale: € 12,50

Doors open at 18:30h

Time Table:
19:30 – 20:15: Flowerleaf
20:40 – 21:25: Cathubodua
21:50 – 22:50: Anna KiaRa

Meer info:

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